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Zukunftsorientierte Innovationen - Die Kollektion Schüller präsentiert neue, nachhaltige und innovative Lösungen für den gesamten Wohnraum. Durch die Verbindung von kreativem Design und industrieller Herstellung bietet Schüller Lösungen, die sowohl formschön als auch funktional sind. Mit breitem Servicespektrum im Küchenplanungsbereich, der Auftragsabwicklung, Marketing und Produktion bietet Schüller differenzierte Instrumente und Maßnahmen für seine Handelspartner und Kunden.


Schüller – Gemütlichkeit neu interpretiert

BARI // This kitchen is an ode to nature. A statement for authentic living and boundless enjoyment. This feeling of comfort is achieved through the combination of warm wood appearance with innovative Smartglas and stainless steel elements. This creates a mood in which living and cooking come naturally. Thanks to creative storage solutions, the bar tucked into the freestanding kitchen block is always reserved for the beautiful things in life.

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Schüller – Kitchens for family people

FINO GLOSS // The Fino Gloss with an elegant front in high-gloss shell white forms the perfect basis for individual designs: the generously planned, open Frame Rack shelves between the wall cabinet and the worktop create a casual lightness. Well-being is ensured by a raised dishwasher, the base lighting, and the electronic opening assistance C-Drive, with which the wall cabinet can be effortlessly opened and closed. The kitchen extends into the pantry through a pass-through door "disguised" as a wall cabinet.


Schüller – Kitchens for urban people

FINO MATT // The classically and at the same time discreetly designed kitchen is visually restrained, leaving space for special planning details to shine. The emotional niche lighting creates a mood and perfect work light. Through order assistants, such as the Orgawall and the sub-structure

FRAME RACK as a desk, everything has its own place. The color-contrasting cloakroom creates a transition to the living area - an ideal solution, especially when space is limited.

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Schüller - Clever ideas for the pantry

The trend towards open living poses some challenges in terms of inventory planning. Room concepts in which the kitchen and living room merge require clever ideas to store utensils, groceries and supplies neatly and clearly without affecting the homely look of the room at the same time. A separate pantry - no matter how small - is worth its weight in gold! No matter what the requirements of the room are - with the enormous range of cabinets, Schüller has the right answer to every requirement in order to make clever use of every centimeter.


Schüller – Mediterranean Flair to Dream About

FINCA // A kitchen like a walk through the Mediterranean hinterland – where naturalness meets vastness and where culinary pleasure has a home. This special country character is conveyed by the deep blue satin lacquer front with pores, which, through its subtle wood grain and the elegant brass handles, imparts a feeling of timeless comfort.


Schüller – Cultivated Kitchen Dream

Smartglas // Puristic design in which one feels completely at ease – proper planning and innovative materials make this effortlessly possible. The metallic-cool look of the Smartglas matt fronts has a calming effect. Simultaneously, the polymer glass surface impresses with its high quality in execution, making it especially stable and robust in daily use.


Schüller – Working Spaces

Everything has its place: For many people, their own home is the focal point of life. Here, life unfolds in all its facets. The multifunctional utility room is the perfect solution for a clean home and a precisely planned work area for laundry care, cleaning, storage, and recycling. Simply a place where one likes to work. Whether in a separate room or as a row: The modular concept is fully aligned with individual needs and finds a functional and ergonomic solution for every necessity. The pantry provides the perfect place for everything needed in the household – neatly and efficiently stored.

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next125 – authentic kitchen

Inspired by the values of the Bauhaus, craftsmanship and architecture are combined at the highest level with the most modern industrial manufacturing. This creates exceptionally elegant kitchens full of attention to detail for quality and design-conscious customers. next125 connects people and tells stories. "authentic kitchen" encapsulates the value system of next125: The brand stands for the genuine, the original, the kitchen as the center of the home and life. Function and quality move to the forefront, so we are always one step ahead. A proven concept, as the regular awards for the brand and its products demonstrate. This year, next125 was honored with the prestigious German Brand Award in Gold.

next125 – my modern cuisine

The optimally organized kitchenette for ambitious cooking. Kitchen technology and equipment trimmed to function: rotary knobs on the stove instead of touchscreen, simply hand-tight. Ceramic worktop, real wood veneer fronts with authenticity and the “Frame” shelving system for easy access while cooking. All in all, a kitchen with compact functionality and unmistakable charm.

nx640 Oak elegant graphite gray, nx510 Cobalt green together with AFP


next125 - An ambience full of sophistication and individuality

The generous, open plan, which blurs the boundaries to the living area, ensures that you feel comfortable in the kitchen. The fulcrum of the kitchen is the cubic island with an integrated bar, which defines the architecture of the room and at the same time is visually restrained. Perfect for everyone who loves tidiness: the sink, electronic equipment and plenty of open and closed storage space are hidden in the double drawer door cupboard, which can hide the kitchen when required and ensure peace and quiet in the room.

nx510 onyx black velvet matt AFP / nx510 Indian red velvet matt AFP / nx505 fog blue satin


next125 – Living into the Blue

The kitchen as a place of tranquility: The wall-mounted row discreetly recedes into the niche yet sets the tone in the room. The tall fronts of the upper row radiate calm. Their clear joint pattern emphasizes the vertical and creates a calm, focused atmosphere that still feels fresh and light. The color scheme also appears calm and balanced: the nx510 velvet matte lacquer fronts in azure blue underline the even, gently flowing character of the room.

Nx510 Azure blue velvet matte AFP / nx510 Terra grey velvet matte AFP / Systemo SensiQ Azure blue fine matte AFP


next125 – At Home in the Studio

Mid-Century meets contemporary design: Cool-elegant glass, hard stone, warming wood – a kitchen like a confidently assembled outfit. The centerpiece is an island with fronts in Ceramic bianco beige. A shade that gently breaks the robustness of the material and transitions in its fine grain to the niche line and the tall cabinets, where it continues in the frame fronts as natural graining in the oak veneer elegant natural.

nx660 Oak elegant natural / nx960 Ceramic beige / Systemo Bianco beige


next125 – Grandezza in the Living Room

The next125 Pocket system with bar partition is a modern reinterpretation of the bar cabinet: reduced to the essentials on the outside, behind the doors it reveals a varied inner life: the bar partition consists of high-quality next125 Frame niche shelves and a side shelf in onyx black, contributing to the mood is the dimmable LED lighting. The mirrored rear wall puts the treasures in the right light, creates depth, and adds the necessary touch of Grandezza.

Nx670 Natural walnut / nx912 Matte glass front, Onyx black / Systemo SensiQ Onyx black fine matte AFP


next125 - Sideboard

The next125 trolley can be adapted to a wide range of living situations and needs and offers an aesthetic and intelligent answer to the modern lifestyle. The design language of the trolley is distinctive, almost graphic. Despite the reduced, cube-like body, the furniture appears light and airy - all utensils find their place. The contrast between the onyx-black aluminum body and the accessories made of natural oak is contemporary and timeless at the same time.


next125 - multifunctionality and mobility

The next125 trolley can be adapted to a wide range of living situations and needs and offers an aesthetic and intelligent answer to the modern lifestyle. The design language of the trolley is distinctive, almost graphic. Despite the reduced, cube-like body, the furniture appears light and airy - all utensils find their place. The contrast between the onyx-black aluminum body and the accessories made of natural oak is contemporary and timeless at the same time.


SCHÜLLER | Innovations 2021

next125 - Designprinzipien

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