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Living kitchens for individualists.

From time to time the world changes permanently - like now. This requires a change of perspective in thinking and acting, but also shows a wealth of wonderful possibilities and ideas. For us at Sachsenküche, these are not new findings, but rather a drive that is lived every day, which is translated into holistic feel-good living out of passion and total conviction - for the kitchen, living room and bathroom.

Sachsenküche has been building sophisticated quality products with tradition and passion for 112 years. Not far from Dresden in an enchanting landscape, we multiply customer requests individually and uniquely with craftsmanship and Industry 4.0.

Saxony kitchens. Good ideas for a common future.


Lots of variety

Material and surfaces are a matter of taste. At Sachsenküche you will therefore find a comprehensive selection of the most beautiful variants. From country house to townhouse. From plastic to varnish to wood and stone.

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Louvre cabinets set the tone

Functionally and visually nicely hidden - the blind cabinet houses important everyday helpers and yet always keeps them to hand for your daily use. With blinds in matt and smoked glass, stainless steel optics, black and titanium, modern accents are set that make every favorite kitchen shine.

Room-in-room solutions

With the passage door in the kitchen you get a room for free. Ideal for additional, small pantries or even entire utility rooms, which are a real plus in household organization. The smooth movement, inconspicuous fittings and the storage space used by the shelf create a cleverly thought-out fitting concept from front to back. And many more uses.

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Nicely framed! The FRAME shelving system

With deep black metal, clear shapes and a high degree of individuality, the FRAME shelf gives every room a very special twist. The fine, black microstructure of the metal frame offers a spectrum of design options with the freely plannable 25 mm shelves.

Wood decors with continuous grain

On request, the fronts of your kitchen can be manufactured in such a way that the grain continues over several fronts - regardless of whether it is a plastic or veneer front.

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The quality of Saxon kitchens in the bathroom too!

We are very familiar with the use of water, electricity and light from the kitchen. So what could be more natural than to use this experience for bathroom furniture as well? The bathroom furniture range offers the variety of decor from the kitchen range, paired with the special requirements from the bathroom area. We thus offer one of the most extensive range of decors for bathroom furniture.

Housekeeping rethought

Whether as planning an actually separated room, as a room-in-room variant or by integrating individual cabinet types into kitchen and living space planning: The well thought-out solutions from Sachsenküche help to stow things away where they can be quickly reached, are needed and are remain invisible to others.



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Modell LISA Achatgrau und Vorratsraum in LISA Cobaltgrau

Hauswirtschaftsraum im Modell LISA Cobaltgrau

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