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Rotpunkt kitchens – living individuality

Rotpunkt Küchen, which produces in Bünde in East Westphalia, offers just the right thing for lovers of international design. The furniture manufactured by Rotpunkt not only guarantees individuality, but also longevity and sustainability. This is guaranteed by the “Made in Germany” certificate, among other things.

In terms of materials, technical equipment and design, the manufacturer skilfully relies on the symbiosis of tradition and innovation. The perfect kitchen solution for the single household, the timeless designer kitchen, the modern and multifunctional family kitchen or the cozy country kitchen - Rotpunkt kitchens stand for individual room solutions, aesthetic design and a high degree of functionality.

HPL Xtreme

This handleless kitchen is not only timelessly elegant, it is also extremely robust. Advantages resulting from the material: HPL Xtreme is an extremely matt plastic that not only impresses with its scratch resistance, but also has a practical anti-fingerprint coating. The contrast to the deep basalt gau is formed by the rear wall panel and worktop in marble design.

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Black is beautiful

The interaction between the vertical wood grain of the Memory RI program and the super-matt surface with anti-fingerprint of the Zerox MA program makes this kitchen a real highlight. The integrated counter solution and the open shelves create a smooth transition to an interior design solution consisting of kitchen, dining and living area. The integrated cabinet lighting as well as the pendant light put this furnishing solution in the right light.

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Simply homely

Whether in a loft or in an old building: the composition of Nature Split Oak, the kitchen island in lava and the same decorative colors inside and out give this kitchen a homely ambience. The built-in Hide & Slide cabinet offers the option of placing devices openly or, if necessary, hiding them behind them by closing the doors. The multifunctional wall covering "Wall Solutions" offers space for various storage options and at the same time serves as a modern design element. The counter elegantly becomes the link between the two functional islands and creates space for convivial evenings.

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Simple elegance

This handle-free kitchen with a push-to-open system is the epitome of modern, sleek kitchen design. It also impresses with the color and material combination Just Gray with wooden elements in Dark Split Oak. The continuous kitchen fronts in the tall cabinet area underline the minimalist look.

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Just Grey

This timeless color scheme speaks for itself: Celebrated as a modern paneled front, which is rounded on the inside and outside, it creates a soft and harmonious look. In combination with the light slat front New Forest Oak in the wall cupboard area and as a shelf, a bright living atmosphere is created. A small kitchen solution that offers so much space for cooking and seating as well as storage space and decoration.

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White on black - a highlight

The combination of the Zerox HPL XT in Daylight Gray and black accents shows high design standards. The different heights and many small highlights make this kitchen something very special. The Wall Solution offers space for a paper towel holder or a tablet holder.

A style mix of colors and different surfaces

Black and wood, white as an accent. The fronts with the bar/knob handles, the interior-lit display cases and a black-and-white marble worktop are important style touches. Drawers and pull-outs help to organize things and create a lot of storage space.

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Space for big and small

Does your kitchen need enough space? No problem here! An easy-care kitchen island with anti-fingerprint and large hob offers enough space for young and old. An oven at eye level makes work easier. In addition, the light bar above the island is "Smart Home" capable.

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The modern kitchen of tomorrow

The perfect setting for the living/dining area too. The mixture of wood look and a matt black front let the relatively simple kitchen shine in all its glory. The integrated worktop from the island in the free-standing room offers space to linger.

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Simple, clear lines and high-quality material

The combination of real wood front "Coal Black" and marble look is an eye-catcher. The integrated wine cabinet in the base cabinet and the raised bar with seating invite you to linger and enjoy.

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Modern, simple and elegant

The kitchen shows the new handleless variant with the Comfort FL Lava front. With the combination of a tall cabinet with a bar handle and our cubes, which come to the fore elegantly, the kitchen shines in full splendor.

Thin fronts with metal surface

A kitchen made for this sophisticated loft. The fronts are kept extra thin and have a real metal surface. And everything in the trendy dark color of carbon. Thanks to an ingenious shelving solution, the kitchen island has become a universal storage area and offers, among other things, space for the fresh herbs that no dish should be without.

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Individual comfort

A kitchen planning that shows that storage space is only a question of the right planning. In addition, the modern color combination of the plain decor Fenix Green and the warm wood look Sherwood Black creates a harmonious living backdrop. The velvety matt Fenix front is of course also available in other colours, so that it can not only be used over a large area, but also accentuated.

Black real wood front combined with white

Black is beauty. And with real wood anyway! In this kitchen, the noble black real wood front is combined with a white framed door made of real lacquer - an eye-catcher! The wooden front with the milled handle bar is filigree on the one hand, but also expressive thanks to the wood veneer. What should not be missing in such a kitchen is the wine storage - not a classic wine refrigerator, but it can be easily integrated into the kitchen image. The real wood bar offers a place to linger and enjoy.

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utility room

As the name suggests, the utility room is part of the kitchen. Not only in terms of the floor plan of your house, but also the overall picture. That's why we can deliver a utility room in the same style as your kitchen. Complete with various equipment for storing your utensils. Comfort does not have to be sacrificed. The washing machine and dryer are built up and are housed at working height. The utility room is therefore not only functional, but also user-friendly.

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