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Rotpunkt kitchens – living individuality

Rotpunkt Küchen, which produces in Bünde in East Westphalia, offers just the right thing for lovers of international design. The furniture manufactured by Rotpunkt not only guarantees individuality, but also longevity and sustainability. This is guaranteed by the “Made in Germany” certificate, among other things.

In terms of materials, technical equipment and design, the manufacturer skilfully relies on the symbiosis of tradition and innovation. The perfect kitchen solution for the single household, the timeless designer kitchen, the modern and multifunctional family kitchen or the cozy country kitchen - Rotpunkt kitchens stand for individual room solutions, aesthetic design and a high degree of functionality.

Urban kitchen with a natural touch

Zerox KQ Textured Carbon Stone

Do you want clarity in the kitchen? Then it's worth taking a closer look at our Zerox KQ programme. The concrete-like look of the fronts with a tactile surface texture harmonises with our worktop in the identical decor. The holistic look is skilfully enhanced by the natural accents of our Ripasso FM Walnut.

Cosy and modern at the same time, the grooved look forms an aesthetic contrast to the dark kitchen structure. Thanks to the handleless kitchen units throughout, the colours and design are shown to their best advantage.

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Trendy kitchen perfectly staged

Zerox KQ Italian Walnut | Zerox FX Fenix Beige Arizona

The interplay between the vertical wood grain of the Memory RI range and the super-matt surface with anti-fingerprint of the Zerox MA range makes this kitchen a real highlight. The integrated counter solution and the open shelves create a flowing transition to an interior design solution comprising kitchen, dining and living area. The integrated cabinet lighting and the pendant light skillfully set this furnishing solution in the right light.

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Dark eat-in kitchen in textured wood look

Zerox SY VER Timber Black | Zerox MA Tundra

Our new Timber Black front welcomes you with the modern design idea of a dark kitchen-living room. The textured wood decor can also be found in the carcase and gives the furniture a natural background. Our super matt Zerox MA front in Tundra is an exception worth seeing. It adorns a spacious wall unit between new shelves. A two-door sink unit with internal drawer promises functional convenience as well as aesthetic new handles.

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Compact kitchen unit in an eye-catching blue colour

Zerox MA Midnight Blue

Add a splash of colour: Midnight Blue gives your kitchen an incomparable look that is both elegant and inviting. Our new front colour offers an insensitive, matt surface in a dark shade of blue. Planned as a kitchen unit, the planning becomes an eye-catcher thanks to its unusual colour scheme - also thanks to a niche cladding in the same decor, which is stylishly highlighted by the Manila LED lighting.

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Mediterranean flair in a handleless kitchen unit

Zerox FM Olive Green

Natural colors are the trend! With our olive green front, you can expect a green ambience with a sophisticated finish. This compact kitchen unit relies on its elegant color scheme and clear lines. The absence of handles creates a uniform front appearance, which is complemented by black nuances. A 17 mm worktop in Black Stone underlines the modern sense of style, into which Olive Green blends beautifully. The new City Black carcase also joins the deliberate design decision to combine black with color.

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Pure nature in a dark eat-in kitchen

The combination of the Zerox HPL XT in Daylight Gray and black accents shows high design standards. The different heights and many small highlights make this kitchen something very special. The Wall Solution offers space for a paper towel holder or a tablet holder.


Designer kitchen with large cooking island

Zerox SY VER Loft Black Oak | Memory RI Walnut

A kitchen can be more than just a place to cook. It is the center of the home and a place where people like to linger. Our design exudes feel-good charm and, with its large kitchen island, invites you to socialize. Our furniture in a dark wood look provides the perfect backdrop. Our elegant Memory RI grooved front in walnut and handleless design provides warmth and high design standards.

There is enough legroom under the light-colored worktop of the island to make it a convincing counter solution.

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Large kitchen design with golden accents

Zerox HPL XT Clay Dark | Smala CL Black | Zerox SY Loft Brown Oak

All good things come in threes, which is why three of our decors are used in this classically modern kitchen: Clay Dark, Black and Loft Brown Oak are perfectly coordinated to give this spacious kitchen character. The striking Buster and Punch handles with their golden lustre take centre stage. Thanks to the Manila LED lighting - available in new lengths - the niche is brightly lit for everyday kitchen life.

Do you like storage space? High-quality glass cabinets and a cooking island with interior cupboards provide you with plenty of space.

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Luxury kitchen with attached table solution

Zerox FX Fenix Grigio Londra | Zerox KQ VER Italian Walnut

A kitchen, a statement: we fulfil high design standards even on a large surface. Our walnut reproduction in Italian Walnut adorns the back wall and offers functional added value thanks to Wall Solutions. The cooking island protrudes into the room and emphasises the central focal point of this design with its hard-wearing and trendy Fenix surface.

A table solution fits seamlessly into the island in an ingenious way and in keeping with a modern kitchen-diner. Here you will find just as much storage space as in the 247 cm high tall units on the opposite side.

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Kitchen with a stone look

Zerox KQ Textured Grey Stone | Zerox KQ Textured Carbon Stone

Life is full of contrasts. Light and dark shades reflect the diversity that becomes reality in this modern kitchen design. Our concrete look Grey Stone and Carbon Stone allow you to perceive these contrasts. The fronts communicate your affection for natural materials and prove their worth with robust surfaces.

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Lots of space in a spacious eat-in kitchen

Memory RI Terra Grey | Class VM Titanio

Would you like a little more? Kitchens in the living area can score points with remarkable storage space. Our 75 cm wide cabinets in particular lend new proportions to this interior. Among other things, there is space for our high-hanging waste system for greater ergonomic convenience.

The popular Memory RI groove front is also used here in combination with the Class VM in glass look. They create visual eye-catchers that fill the room with life and conceal the storage space in an atmospheric way.

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Classic kitchen in a modern trend colour

Ergo FL Zero Beach Grey

Are you ready for opposites that attract? We combine a preference for classic country house style with contemporary colour tones. Beach Grey radiates urban flair on a classic front design. The design is completed by new handles from Buster and Punch, which pick up on the dark colour of the Belgium Bleu Stone ceramic worktop. The result: a stylistically exciting kitchen composition that invites you to sit and linger thanks to the extended worktop at the kitchen island.


Dressing rooms

A Rotpunkt kitchen? Is the center of living and enjoyment. It has never been cozier, never more comfortable, never more functional. Our furniture transports this attitude to life into ever more areas of life - and thanks to an innovative system, now also into your dressing room. Create additional storage space and organize yourself and your clothes just the way you like it. Different wardrobe heights and widths as well as numerous optional extras - including wooden or glass shelves, clothes rails, trouser racks, drawers and pull-outs, continuous lighting and mirrored doors - offer plenty of flexibility in planning and use.

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Utility rooms

Is the dirty laundry piling up in the bathroom again? No time for sorting? With the clever utility room cabinets from Rotpunkt Küchen, these questions are now history. Holes milled into the cabinet doors allow you to sort your laundry quickly and easily into the laundry baskets behind them. From there, the clothes go into the washing machine, which - just like the tumble dryer - has its place in a specially manufactured, custom-fit cabinet module. Of course, we have also thought of a shelf for detergent, fabric softener etc. and sufficient space for an ironing board and iron. And thus provide plenty of practical answers.

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It is being built in Copenhagen, Denmark's capital: the so-called UN17 Village - a housing estate that pursues the UN's 17 global Sustainable Development Goals. What does one of the world's most ambitious construction projects have to do with Rotpunkt Küchen?

Quite a lot. Because each of the 536 flats will be fitted with our sustainably produced and certified kitchen and bathroom furniture. After a months-long application and assessment phase, we were finally awarded the contract and are proud to be part of this consistently sustainable project, with which the investor NREP and the architectural firms Lendager and Sweco Architects want to set new standards for the construction of the future. Our involvement is made possible, among other things, by the greenline BioBoard Gen2 - our chipboard, which consists of up to 90 per cent recycled wood.

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