Individualization is an important factor for self-realization. With maximum planning variety and countless differentiation options, pronorm meets this requirement. Mix & Match is the motto. With more than 100 different carcass color variants, the design and the lines of the pronorm kitchens can be tailored to your own personal attitude to life.

With COLORS OF NATURE, new colors and structures, an extension of the matt surfaces, many metal colors and authentic wood decors, pronorm enables an almost limitless design variety for planners and architects. The inspiration for the new collection, which underlines the manufacturer's collection in an exciting way, is nature. This role model is not only reflected in the colourfulness, but also in the sustainability of the furniture produced by pronorm, taking climate neutrality into account. Certificates from neutral institutes such as PEFC, the RAL quality mark "Golden M" and the label "Furniture Made in Germany" confirm the high standards of the company, which considers sustainability to be an important investment and a continuous process.


Declaration of love to the good life

The longing for a cozy and comfortable retreat is great. Inspired by nature, finely nuanced colors and textures ensure exciting contrasts and an attractive interplay. The absence of handles allows the pure aesthetics of the extravagant materials to take effect.

The showcase as a symbol of the new sophisticated living. It becomes an eye-catcher wherever it is allowed to unfold its fascinating effect. Floor, inner walls and rear wall seem to be made of one piece. The interplay of trendy brown tones and black steel looks extremely classy and homely. The integrated LED system skilfully stages glass shelves and cherished porcelain.

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Cheers to good hospitality

Basalt grey, brushed oak creates an inviting setting in this eat-in kitchen. Cooking and enjoying together becomes a pleasure here. With floating elegance, the sideboard guides the guests into the adjoining dining room at the table and table. The wall units with a display case look and the accentuated shelves fitted with LED spotlights underline the timeless elegance of this kitchen. The extractor hood in the steel frame look with integrated light strips and the stainless steel sink area symbolize the demands of contemporary interior design.

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With elegant nobility

Cooking and living are more in dialogue than ever. Here the room concept inspires with elegant noblesse. The character of the planning is reminiscent of kitchens from days gone by, but it is absolutely up-to-date. The buffet with the highlighted stove area in bright white becomes a visual highlight. With a club chair and designer carpet, work and the end of the day flow seamlessly into one another.


Well-being in Scandinavian design

Ideally, architecture and furniture form a harmonious symbiosis, which is demonstrated by the liaison between soft angora gray and light oak. The handle-free front design and the strictly geometric joint pattern impress with their great clarity. On the island, an add-on counter has become a favorite place in the house. A back wall with long shelves presents itself as a spacious alternative to closed surfaces. Integrated LED spotlights put the work surfaces in the right light. The tall cupboard, which also offers space for the kitchen equipment, and a decidedly cozy demi cupboard guarantee sufficient storage space.


Pure comfort

The demi-cabinet with side display cases cleverly combines the function of a storage space specialist with that of a room divider between the kitchen and the cozy dining area.

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Clear structures, concise accents

While black stands for strength and modernity, crimson symbolizes energy and spirited sensuality. In combination, they symbolize powerful elegance. Different cupboard heights as well as open and closed cupboard elements take up the high-contrast play of the two colors in a targeted manner and thus set exciting accents that are perfectly staged by the corresponding illumination.

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Order on many levels

The architect's color agate gray meets Terramo marble, the aristocrat among stone decors. Playing with open and closed surfaces gives this kitchen a certain lightness. Shelves create order and leave room for personal things. Good lighting planning sets specific accents. The lowered cooking area and the raised sink area, which is planned with an extra-strong worktop, are ergonomically convincing.

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Functional elegance is making a big comeback

White is an absolute classic as a living color and is therefore also the preferred color for kitchen fronts. The clear, cool practicality is underlined by brushed metal handle strips. When pulled out to almost the full width, they ensure ergonomic, convenient access to the inside of the cupboard. All in all, a style that still impresses after many years.


Appreciation for the perfect craft

Used inside and out, the new front and body color Stratus Gray Pearl gives every plan an exclusive touch. The colour-consistent look looks extraordinarily noble. Whether as a convincing soloist or as an integral part of a living environment, the solitaire piece of furniture is of great importance.


The style of this solitaire is reminiscent of a classic chest of drawers or a cabinet. Its drawers with the typical knob handles offer storage space made to measure.


The buffet cabinet is a master of stylish storage. Noble matt lacquer, profiled fronts, high glass doors and a cornice as a finish combine the attributes of the country house style with a color world that corresponds to our zeitgeist: interpreted in a contemporary way, the style icon presents itself with an LED lighting concept and glass shelves.


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