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Concept Kitchen

The kitchen becomes mobile and is not tied to the pre-defined space, is the basic idea behind the Concept Kitchen. As a new type of furniture, it was often in the spotlight. The design awards that Naber received for this high-quality modular furniture series include the iF product design award 2013 in GOLD, the German Design Award 2013 in GOLD and the winner label of the reddot design award 2013.

Modular and flexible

The concept was created and implemented by Hans-Joachim Naber and the designer Kilian Schindler. Your goal: Flexible kitchen furniture that meets the personal needs of the kitchen user as well as the individual spatial conditions. The multifunctional system furniture can be assembled and dismantled as often as you like - even in living and working environments beyond the kitchen.

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Concept Kitchen – Young familiy

A cooking workshop is created exactly where it is needed - and the furniture can be easily combined with existing furnishing elements and electrical appliances.

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Concept Kitchen – Homeoffice

The quick assembly and disassembly of the modules without the use of tools is made possible by the simple plug-in principle with grid holes. Almost all system parts can be easily recycled.

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The Concept Kitchen modules can be set up again and again, they are durable and, in turn, meet the highest design standards.

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Concept Kitchen – Bistro

With a restrained design language, Concept Kitchen stands for flexibility as well as durability and comfort. In addition to private customers, this is convincing more and more entrepreneurs who are furnishing their office, shop, bistro, studio or café with elements from the Concept Kitchen range.

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Concept Kitchen – Outdoor

New system elements and a second, anthracite-like product color expand the use of the Concept Kitchen Module as a workstation for grilling and cooking on the balcony, terrace or in the garden, among other things. For example, the Fulgor Milano BBQ hob can be integrated into a basic module.

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