Passion Kitchen Join us on a journey full of innovations.

Under this motto at Miele on Gut Böckel, experience powerful and quiet TwoInOne cooktops, built-in devices in the new color tone matte obsidian black, the redesign of our G 7000 dishwashers, as well as smart functions for increased comfort and sustainability.


Elegant, black, powerful – new Miele TwoInOne induction hob 'BlackPerfection'.

Elegant, black, and powerful: Discover the new Miele TwoInOne induction hob 'BlackPerfection'. In an impressive fusion of design and functionality, the consistent 'All-Black-Design' sets new standards in modern kitchens. The innovative Silence Motor ensures efficient yet quiet performance, while the spacious PowerFlex XL cooking zones even offer space for two large pots or a roaster.

The black ceramic glass design is not only a statement but blends harmoniously into any kitchen aesthetic – be it as a striking accent in bright interiors or as a subtle complement to darker tones. But Miele goes beyond aesthetics: The integrated extractor hood operates with precise efficiency, supported by the highly efficient Silence Motor.

Experience also the intuitive ComfortSelect White operation, which responds to a gentle touch and makes cooking zones and fan control visible. The BlackPerfection induction hob embodies Miele's commitment to the highest quality and innovation. A masterpiece for every kitchen.


Miele ovens as AirFryer – low-fat frying with hot air.

Miele presents the oven as an AirFryer: Low-fat frying with hot air. Say goodbye to oil and grease and enjoy crispy fries and golden-brown breaded foods with Miele's hot air function. While AirFryers save calories by gently frying with hot air, Miele ovens have the advantage of comfortably preparing larger quantities. Thanks to the Hot Air Plus function at 190°C and the optional "Crisp Function", you achieve uniformly browned, crispy results.

The perforated gourmet baking and AirFry tray guarantees crispy results for snacks, bread, or pizza on the side. It's also suitable for gently drying fruits or vegetables. Another option is the grill and roasting tray, ideal for meat or roasted parts. Both trays, with PerfectClean finishing, are easy to clean and available as accessories. From 2024, Miele offers a software update, making the AirFry function directly selectable in the display. Experience healthy cooking anew with Miele.


Artificial Intelligence for the best taste as well as for self-help and error prevention in case of device malfunctions.

Miele integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) into household appliances to simplify cooking and prevent device malfunctions. The cooking assistance system "Smart Food ID" with an integrated camera recognizes ingredients and automatically starts the right cooking process. It can currently identify 30 recipes, with recognition continuously improving through collected data. Another system, "CookAssist", guides users through cooking processes. "AI Diagnostics" offers self-help instructions when errors occur and plans future malfunction predictions, thereby reducing service costs and environmental impacts. Miele presents these innovations at the IFA.


G 7000 Dishwasher: Now even more comfortable and sustainable in everyday life.

Miele's G 7000 dishwasher now stands for even more comfort and sustainability. At IFA 2023, Miele presents improvements to its Generation 7000: more energy-efficient washing programs and innovative basket designs for reusable bottles and drinking straws. These dishwashers are part of Miele's commitment to sustainability, as they consume less water and energy. The new programs provide perfect cleaning performance for various needs. With over 90 years of experience in dishwasher technology, Miele continuously optimizes its products. Miele's app helps to monitor and reduce energy consumption. Overall, the G 7000 offers an efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly dishwasher experience.


Handwerkskunst - Qualität, die ihrer Zeit voraus ist I Miele

Das neue TwoInOne I Miele

Die neuen K 7000 Kühlgeräte I Miele

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