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The perfect match

A multifaceted and inspiring exhibition awaits you.

Experience many new products and our new kitchen concept – concept130. Visit our newly designed website and immerse yourself in our kitchen world. It's worth it!

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perfect match in form, function, design and color – reliable & unique

concept130 – this new product line impressively shows how progressive and trend-setting innovative kitchen programs are today. concept130 combines all aspects that make working in the kitchen pure pleasure and is so much more than a grid specification or the sum of individual innovative building blocks. From now on, extraordinary kitchen ideas can be designed and designed with a creative, multifunctional grid system – almost without limits. Individual, flexible kitchen planning can be easily redefined with the grid system, from the design language in color and shape to the technical implementation and equipment.

Every kitchen is always a perfect match!

Bali walnut – lively & powerful

This kitchen has both feet on the ground. Warm brown combined with expressive black is a pairing that always pleases. Its strength is not limited to its looks – it also has a lot to offer on the inside. State-of-the-art technology and functionality also inspire.

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Comet GL putty concrete black – puristic & creative

Black in combination with dark wood – a clean combination that simply fits. Design and technology have merged here and present themselves in a modern look. The blue wall color sets accents and cleverly mixes up the black-brown color concept. Wonderfully simple and that's why it's so fascinating.

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Bristol Eucalyptus - fresh & vibrant

A traditional country style kitchen. Comfortable living is the order of the day here. The new shade of eucalyptus ensures freshness and naturalness. A smart choice: white as a partner. Selected accessories can be beautifully presented on the open kitchen shelves. The kitchen island is practical and visually separates the kitchen from the adjoining living room.


Murano Brilliant Crystal White – radiant & lively

Experience happy times. In this bright kitchen in white that is easy to combine. The overlying table and open shelves in black serve as contrasting partners. The powder-colored wall and the light wooden floor are great. A modern kitchen in classic white that shows what attention to detail means: design, colours, technology and materials perfectly harmonized with each other.

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Roma Graphite – warm & calm

The muted graphite tone of the kitchen fronts in combination with the grained wood gives the furniture a frame that pleasantly emphasizes the shapes. In this way, powerful stillness can unfold unhindered and visual tranquility can spread its magic. Experience a cosy, harmoniously coordinated kitchen that touches.


Meteor brushed steel – self-confident & energetic

Brushed steel and black have a clear position. Together they set the tone and appear determined and proud. The wood tones of the table, floor and wall create a nice contrast. The dark tones are very radiant and have an intense effect. They give the room a sophisticated atmosphere and optimally set the scene for the minimalist shelves.

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Bali summer oak silver grey Laser brilliant polar white – airy & light

Optical calm and clarity. The well-assorted play of colors of white and silver-grey summer oak ensures that every detail catches the eye. The straight-line arrangement of the fronts and the bright worktop set additional subtle accents and ensure a harmonious ambience. The wooden elements bring warmth into play.


Porto GL Ocean Porto GL Umbra-natural – honest & light

Like a cool breeze. The expressive Ocean finds an equal partner in the timeless Umber Natur. Both colors are the finest - combined with each other a perfect match. Ideal companion: black for worktops, shelves and kitchen splashbacks. Wood tones that give this look a touch of nature are also suitable.

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Ravenna Schwarz – dedicated & motivated

Matt likes wood. This also applies to the Ravenna Black. Cosiness and modern kitchen design meet here. The use of different colours, surfaces and structures creates an extremely lively tension. The glass fronts in the wall units set shiny accents. A stylish mix.

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Inspiring kitchen solutions that impress and impress

The pioneer in design and quality. No product line has shaped the German kitchen landscape like systemat. The combination of avant-garde elements, natural materials, and innovative technology blends elegance, class, and luxury into a perfect whole.

A systemat kitchen captivates you anew every day. Because systemat offers you full design freedom. Fulfill all your desires in design and function.


Stylish and Elegant with Scandinavian Flair

This kitchen is a modern and homely focal point of life. The structured arrangement and clear design language give the living space a calm and orderly atmosphere. One always wants to touch the new PerfectSense® surface with Feelwood structure, for it feels great. Plus, it's particularly easy to maintain. With the finishes in Samteiche-greige, Samteiche-graphite, and Samteiche-black, you can realize beautiful kitchen designs.


Floating sideboard and shelf variants create the perfect connection between cooking and living. Thus, the entire space appears uniform and seamlessly integrated.

A linearly illuminated tall cabinet draws the eye and skillfully showcases its contents. The same goes for the Linero railing, which is ideal for placing spices, cloths, and kitchen utensils. Quite practical.

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AV 2040 GL Fine Oak-natural | AV 6000 GL Greige – Modern, fresh, and expressive
With this kitchen, the room and the heart open. The secret lies in the combinations: homey fine oak-natural, velvety greige, and elegant black. This results in a particularly attractive mix in a modern, handleless look. The integrated kitchen counter invites eating and lingering - pleasant conversations included.


AV 6023 GL Oak-elegant – Impressive design with a noble relief surface made of real wood veneer

This grooved front is something very special. The high-quality kitchen in an exclusive design has an extravagant appearance. Elegant and linear, an impressive kitchen composition is created. The handcrafted real wood veneer provides warmth and homeliness. The grooved front is available in the finishes Oak-elegant, Walnut-elegant, and Oak-Black.

For those who like to plan extravagantly - a perfect choice. The entire atmosphere in this high-quality and noble kitchen is unique.

Linearly illuminated tall cabinets make every content an eye-catcher. Recessed spots, illuminated glass shelves, and the modern handleless look give the room a special atmosphere. The harmoniously integrated kitchen counter invites to eat and linger. In this kitchen, you enjoy every day in the most beautiful way.


AV 2135 Crystal White – Beautifully bright like a radiant summer day

This modern, purist kitchen architecture showcases stylish and lively living at the same time. Fresh, friendly, familial – this kitchen is where real life takes place. Openly planned, the gorgeous crystal white illuminates the entire room. The modern induction cooktop with integrated extractor hood is not only practical but also leaves the view unobstructed for the attractive appearance of this kitchen.


A linear design language and thoughtful functionality make this kitchen a special place. Through its extraordinary island, it invites communication and shared cooking with family and friends. Elegant sociability. A large wine refrigerator and a seamlessly integrated breakfast bar invite enjoyment and cheerful conversations. The generous kitchen planning creates ideal connections between the kitchen and living area.


AV 6000 NCS | RAL – Unique like personal life

The rich green of the Alps - the sun-yellow of Tuscany - the clear blue of the Caribbean. Design your new kitchen in your personal favorite colors. With over 1,900 NCS and 190 RAL color shades, you set special accents for individual kitchen planning.



Whether it's the solid kitchen island in olive, the wall-mounted cabinets, or the tall cabinet row in silk grey – geometric shapes and special colors dominate. Thanks to the NCS and RAL color system, every color can be realized in the desired shades. A must-have for those who love design and appreciate well-proportioned ratios.

AV_7030GL_Black_Star_ AV_2041_Walnuss-dunkel_M2_Frontal


Black at the center – an excellent kitchen design. It impresses with the trendy color, the applied stone veneer on the fronts, and the glass tall cabinets with a metal frame. Elegant addition: sideboard and dining table in dark walnut décor with a modern metal frame. The illuminated shelves are atmospheric light sources.


AV 6055 RAL 1013 | RAL 6003


The generous kitchen planning leaves no wishes unfulfilled. The modern combination of RAL colors Pearl White and Olive Green sets impressive accents. Both colors harmonize perfectly with dark shades, bright white, and metallic silver. Countertops and the kitchen backsplash in black further emphasize the coziness of the kitchen. The kitchen island is ideal for preparations and provides the necessary storage space with large drawers.


oneLine: the special design

The clarity of this fantastic kitchen is expressed in straightforwardness, concentration on the essentials and precision. Uniform lines due to grid heights with minimal gaps (4mm) between the lower drawers and pull-outs.


Exclusive & extravagant

Live in style in this kitchen. Because the design is impressive and makes your heart pound. As a oneLine version with a PerfectSense® surface, the AV 2135 GL Graphite handleless has everything that makes a desirable kitchen.


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