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Express kitchens – kitchens with a system

Modern and passionate - that not only describes our company and our way of working, but also our varied kitchen programs. Let yourself be inspired by our range in our exhibition and convince yourself of the quality of our products. Because Made in Germany is just as important at Express Kitchens as contemporary design and uncomplicated planning with System 15, a grid with which you can easily plan any fitted kitchen yourself in just a few steps.

Be inspired in our 360° tour.

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Modern design plus trend-conscious colors result in the perfect kitchen for individualists. WIN is exactly the right solution for all witty and original types who don't believe in the daily monotony in the kitchen and inspires every creative cook in a unique way.

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The simple formula for natural cosiness: Everyone feels at home in the PLAN with its cozy wood decors. Everyone would like to stir the pots straight away – for friends, for loved ones. Doesn't matter. The main thing is that you can stay.

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You don't have to calculate anything nicely and you don't have to delete anything. The timeless design of the BASE speaks for itself and underlines the personality of the owner - decors in concrete, cement and steel look provide interesting surface effects that appeal to and inspire modern individualists.

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Sometimes there is more than just one approach that leads to the right result. The new recyclable Clean front is wonderfully sustainable. Whichever version you choose, CLEAN‘s super mat surfaces in selected colours and including the new anti-fingerprint technology are always an excellent choice. Purity and cleanliness find their place in the kitchen here.

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An equation with no unknowns but many variables. STAR receives the highest score for popularity and continuity as well as for changeability. There are so many designs possible with the brilliant lacquered laminate that there is sure to be something for everyone.

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The addition of a modern country house look and creative glass frame solutions can only produce one perfect result: HOME. A cozy living pleasure for everyone who likes perfect form and loves comfort.

Home-412 Magnolia
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Sometimes less is more. And then there are occasions when the complete opposite applies. Then it's time for that certain extra, time for a kitchen with high-quality, high-gloss surfaces! Multi-layer real paint. White and flawless. Quality that inspires completely - wow effects guaranteed. Optionally a minimalist, handleless design. This is how perfect aesthetics succeed. State-of-the-art, timeless and yet completely in the here and now. In short: GLOSS is perfect for everyone who loves something special.

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