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Kitchen worlds to feel good

125 years of Beckermann kitchens. The popular traditional and house brand of the specialist trade stands for reliable marketing of flexible kitchens in the middle to upper price segment. The company's recipe for success: Loyalty to the specialist trade and the best materials, industrial customization, an exceptionally large number of planning options and almost unlimited equipment options. The result is kitchens with secure margins that inspire. Kitchen worlds to feel good. Versatile comfort landscapes with external and internal values that will give their owners many years of pleasure.

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Kitchen and living area merge with each other. A pantry is hidden behind a passage door in the kitchen front in genuine walnut veneer. Atmospheric ambient lighting shines both upwards and downwards on the shelves. Technical highlight: Apothecary cabinet and pull-out with waste separation system open electrically with a light touch.

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In the open pantry, freely accessible interior pull-outs with front decoration provide additional storage space. The food slicer for bread or cold cuts disappears in the drawer. Even a garage for the vacuum robot is integrated. The cloakroom that matches the kitchen fits in perfectly with the ambience.

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Areas of life merge. Home office: The work area is hidden behind sliding doors. The printer disappears on a pull-out shelf in the closet. Even the wastebasket is barely visible with an open passage under the worktop. Highlights: Sideboard: Appliances at the desired height with continuous lines. Illuminated showcase with black lattice glass doors.

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Women's power

Handleless kitchen with anti-fingerprint surface - simple elegance in graphite inside and out: ONELINE graphite design carcass with matching interior such as pull-outs, fittings, inserts and interior fittings - everything in the same harmonious colour.

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Men's household

Wood as a statement - oak sherry combined with matt black lets the lively naturalness of the wood come into its own. Open base units with interior pull-outs in the front decor and a multifunctional serving trolley with a garage turn the kitchen into a living space. Matching the cloakroom area with plenty of storage space.

Highlights: Sideboard: fronts protruding upwards subtly replace the handles.

Tall cupboard: front protruding to the side covers the shelf in the front view.

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Utility room

Elevated washing machine with hidden storage space · Drawers for laundry baskets Utility cupboards for tall items such as an ironing board · Cupboards for crates of drinks

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